Sleeps 2 adults + 2 children – Features the Grain Belt Lounge.

This Flxible is truly one of a kind! It is #102 of 220 built. There are apparently only 10 of these classic buses on the road today. Elvis Presley even owned one! The previous owner was a classic car enthusiast and pulled a car trailer behind it when he participated in classic car events. This bus attracted as much attention as the classic cars! The bus is a fully functioning motorhome (and is registered as a motorhome).

This Flxible is a dream to drive and cruises comfortably at 60-65 mph, getting 12-15 mpg. The coach is powered by a 350 HP Detroit Turbo Diesel 6V-92.  The engine was completely rebuilt in 2020 by Central Truck Service in East Bethel, MN.  The suspension, hydraulic lines, and brakes were recently checked and fixed.  The New LED bulbs were installed on the entire exterior in November 2019. The bus has a 10 KW Yanmar diesel generator, roof and basement air. The bus has Dupont Imiron paint and retains the factory lines and trim that it had when it left the factory back in 1955.

The interior of the bus is a work of art. The bus has been redone in birdseye maple and black walnut by a master carpenter in Oklahoma. It took him 2 years to complete. There is absolutely not another bus like it. The pictures do not do it justice. It is truly beautiful. The bus sleeps 4 and currently has a king size bed in the rear with a brand new mattress. (Twin bed setup is underneath it if you would prefer that arrangement – shown in pictures) The bi-level interior also includes a full bathroom with a tiled shower, electric fridge, microwave, flat screen tv, 2 burner electric cooktop, and an under the counter microwave oven. There are 3 large skylights on the ceiling throughout the length of the bus for star gazing and 2 additional forward facing skylights (has covers to block light) in the kitchen area, allowing tons of light inside! LOTS of storage in the interior and there are also 4 large luggage/cargo storage compartments underneath the bus (one, housing the generator). Interior upholstery (including the matching captain’s chair) was recently re-done! If you are looking for something unique and special, THIS IS IT! Additional note: this bus would also be ideal to have as an airbnb rental or as a full-time tiny house. Currently located just outside of Minneapolis / St. Paul.

Operating Notes

Utility Hookups

Hooks to electric, and a hose.   Has two tanks.  Clean potable water and waste.  Hose hooks to valve behind drivers side.  50 gallon clean tank and 60 gallon dirty tank.  Has a heated hose, keeps lines from freezing.  Seasonal use.


Suspension and Tires

The back suspension is also November 2019.  Shocks are a couple years old.

Rear differential new October 2019.   Tires were new October 2019.



The engine was completely rebuilt in 2020 by Central Truck Service in East Bethel, MN.  Added block heater for winter starting.   Most of the small oil leaks were fixed.  The coach is powered by a 350 HP Detroit Turbo Diesel 6V-92 with 45K on the engine and transmission. Not original engine.  The Series 92 engines were introduced in 1974.  Put in the 90’s.  Diesel doesn’t like cold temperatures.  Can start from the back with out a key. Measure the oil level in the rear.  Oil Type: 10W 40 or SAE 15W 40. Always have some on hand.  Engine holds 27 quarts of oil.  Winter diesel needs additive.  32oz. per 100 gallons.  Spray in liquid lighter fluid.  Then have to let it run for a while.



It has a 4-speed Allison transmission and power steering.  Automatic.  No park.  Check when its warm.  Have to let the bus warm up and drive it then check it.



Brakes are air pressure.  Have to get under bus and release air so condensation doesn’t freeze in lines.

Put in neutral then pull emergency brake.  Then it exhales like a bus.

1/7/21 – C&J Bus New front brakes pad / liners were installed.  The old brakes were not working at all.  Front right (bearing?) is worn and it results in the tire being slanted out and wearing on the inside.

C&J Bus drained condensation in air tanks.  There are five air tanks, four in back and one in front.  New air pressure release valves were installed.  Those should be bleed regularly.  C&J added alcohol.

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